Welcome to Sweden’s best Eco-Restaurant

With us the cuisine is guaranteed organic. At Ängavallen living organically from farm to fork is neither strange nor new. We’ve been doing it for decades and it simply entails recognizing that the natural environment is a wonderfully balanced, robust and sustainable whole. Not because it is an end in itself, but quite simply because it produces both more nutritious and tastier food, whether you eat it in the restaurant, in the park or buy it in the shop our grocery store. Welcome!

RESTAURANT OPENING HOURS: Dinner: Thursday – Saturday arrival kl. 17 – 20 OBS! Förbeställning krävs tisdag – fredag (till och med 23/3), ring 040-42 32 50 eller skriv till angavallen@angavallen.se Sunday: brunch with safari with arrival kl. 12 – 14 Välkommen!

* That we are Sweden’s best organic restaurant is nothing that we ourselves have come up with (though we agree). With pomp and circumstance the White Guide, Sweden’s leading restaurant guide, has designated Ängavallen eco-restaurant of the year. It is an acknowledgment that we have done the right thing in concentrating on ensuring that the best raw materials also make the most delicious food. Taste and quality in harmony. Just as it should be.