Accomodation: Sleep on it

For conferences extending over several days we have plenty of accommodation options. Möllegården is built as a u-shaped Scanain row farmhouse and it is located adjacent to our superb park. The hotel has eight reverently furnished room with four eco-labelled 7007-Dux beds in each. The rooms are about 35 square metres in size and consist of two floors. On the bottom floor there is a hall, toilet/shower and two beds. On the top floor there are two beds. Access to all rooms is from a charming little inner courtyard and they have a view over the old windmill, the church, the park, fields and meadows. We have used organic materials in both the hotel buildings and the rooms’ furnishings. The electricity carries the ”Good Environmental Choice” eco-label. In addition to these rooms, in Örtagården we have four newly built double rooms with grandlit sized beds, individual entrances and toilet/shower. These are smaller than the rooms in Möllegården, but they are very charmingly located with the herb garden and all its aromas just outside the door.